Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tokyo Marathon

IMG_3453 / CLF

Marathon race schedule: Late February every year
Time limit: 7 hours
The Tokyo Marathon is a people's marathon with 30,000 participants.
The course is in central Tokyo. The first half is a flat course.
Near the finish there are some ascending hills.
Over 90% of participants finish the run. So, for every 20 runners, almost 19 will finish.
Besides the full marathon there is also a 10km race.

Honolulu Marathon

Honolulu Marathon Aid Station / schacon

Marathon race schedule: Early December every year
Time limit: None
Starts in the Ala Moana Park, accompanied by pre-dawn fireworks.
This is recommended as a first marathon because it has no time limit.
Children from age 7 and up can also enter.

Cold Coast Marathon

observationdeck (23) / the_beekeeper001

Marathon race schedule: Early July every year
Time limit: 7 hours, 10 minutes
A flat course along a beautiful seacoast.
You can experience an exhilarating marathon as the climate is also favorable.
As you view the beach area to your left, you can go for a new record.
A half-marathon and a 5km race are also available.

London Marathon

flora london marathon / shimelle

Marathon race schedule: Mid April every year
Time limit: None
The course begins in Greenwich Park and ends at Buckingham Palace, passing famous places including three World Heritage Sites.
Cushioned shoes are necessary as part of the course is on cobblestones. Lots of cosplay.

Berlin Marathon

36. Berlin Maratohn / mike.kaden

Marathon race schedule: Late September every year
Time limit: 6 hours, 15 minutes
40,000 runners from over 100 countries run across Berlin in late summer.
The flat course makes for easy record-setting, and the course-side offers lots of support and many spectators.

New York City Marathon

NYC Marathon 08 / the_junes

Marathon race schedule: Early November every year
Time limit: None
The race covers all five boroughs of New York City, finishing in Manhattan's Central Park.
The 2 million spectators pack the course from start to finish without a gap.

The world's marathons

Madison mini marathon / ibm4381

Marathons are held in various places around the world.
From among the world's marathons, here we will introduce marathons in which beginners can easily participate.
To avoid jet lag, don't sleep until nighttime after you arrive.
Go out for a walk instead!